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How to Wear a BlankNYC Moto Jacket

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How to Wear a BlankNYC Moto Jacket

BlankNYC moto jackets rank right up there with with trench coats, blazers, and denim jackets, in terms of wardrobe staples. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and can totally transform even the most basic outfits. Get inspired with moto jacket looks below, then recreate them to nail your fashion look this fall season.

A History of the Moto Jacket

There are few items of clothing more iconic than the moto jacket. 

The perfect combination of rugged leather appeal and luxurious comfort, these garments have persevered throughout fashion history. 

Today, there are countless iterations to choose from, inspired by legends like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Marlon Brando. Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe staple to give your everyday outfits an edge, or you just want something effortlessly cool and timeless, a moto jacket is the choice for you. 

So, where did the obsession begin?

The incredible jacket that many people know and love today started life in the early 1900s, 1913, to be exact. This American classic was created by a company called Schott NYC, founded by the brothers Jack and Irving Schott. Initially, the apparel business sold raincoats from door to door. 

However, after about 15 years, Irving created a new kind of jacket intended for greater warmth and protection for motorcycle riders. Schott began selling the jacket, named the Perfect through a little motorcycle company named Harley Davidson. 

This was the first moto jacket to feature functioning zips that allowed for easy application and removal. Previous designs often featured buttons, and frequently came in the style of large, heavy-duty jackets used in WWI, and common among pilots. The aircraft experts needed particularly thick coats to keep them warm in higher altitudes. 

After the successful sales through Harley Davidson, the Schott company began to gain more popularity. The brand sold its designs to the US military for WWII, and had jackets commissioned for the Air Force. Schott also designed a wool coat for the US Navy. It wasn’t until 1953 that the leather moto jacket really began to make its mark on the world. 

The Moto Jacket and Pop Culture

In 1953, Hollywood heartthrob Marlon Brando contributed to the sudden explosion of moto jacket popularity. He wore the Perfecto jacket from Schott in The Wild One, and suddenly, the jacket became a symbol of the devil-may-care attitude for an entire generation. 

Soon after, in 1955, another American icon adopted the moto jacket. James Dean started wearing a fur-trimmed design in his free time. The jacket’s popularity continued throughout the 50s and swinging sixties. The Beatles started sporting moto jackets as a rebellious symbol. By the 70s, rock and roll music was becoming the soundtrack of a generation. Groups like The Ramones gave the leather moto jacket another dimension of cool. 

In the 180s, when the punk movement began, the moto jacket began to take on new looks, with oversized cuts, studs, and chains. Over the years, the jackets continued to skirt in and out of pop culture and fashion, grabbing attention in the outfits of notable people like the Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, and Blondie. A-list actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt all created their own rebellious look with the garment. 

Today, there’s more choice than ever for the perfect moto jacket, with countless high-street brands offering a variety of styles. 

25 Ways to Wear Jeans and a BlankNYC Moto Jacket

Edgy Look: Black Jeans and High Heels

Combine your fierce BlankNYC moto jacket with a pair of skinny black jeans and a set of expensive looking accessories. Chunky statement jewelry or a bold belt for a man could be an excellent choice here. For the ladies, high heels really finish the look. 

Unique Jeans

For this look, keep the BlankNYC faux leather moto jacket simple, but make the most out of the jeans. You can experiment with different styles here, from jeans with an embroidered pattern, to those with cut-outs and tie-side detailing. Finish the look with a great pair of boots. 

Rough and Ready Cool 

Choose a BlankNYC leather moto jacket with a slightly faded or used appearance. Scuffed leather or patches will help to add to the “rough” appearance. Match with a pair of ripped jeans for the perfect punk-aesthetic style, and add a pair of vintage boots. 

Bold and Brave 

Combine a pair of dark-colored jeans with a brightly-colored BlankNYC leather jacket for an excellent contrast. Black vegan leather moto jacket with silver details look great when paired with a set of black or grey jeans. Finish off with heels. 

Cropped Jeans and an Open Jacket 

Leave your BlankNYC vegan moto jacket open to show off the casual t-shirt underneath for this laid-back look. Cropped jeans look great in the summer and spring months. Remember to add a pair of flats to finish the look, and some accessories, like a long chain or pair of dangly earrings. 

The Polished Look 

Combine your shiny leather BlankNYC clean moto jacket with a pair of polished brogues or shoes for a professional put-together look. Add in a pair of dark-colored jeans in a straight cut to finish the ensemble, and a button-down shirt. 

The All-black Dressy Outfit 

An all-black outfit is a great choice if you want to look sophisticated without too much effort. Stick with a matte BlankNYC leather jacket, and a black sweater or shirt underneath. Add a pair of ankle boots and a straight pair of black jeans for the complete look. 

A Chill Daytime Outfit

Keep it chill with an outfit you can wear anywhere – from shopping on the high street, to coffee with clients. Choose a pair of medium-wash jeans with a soft brown BlankNYC leather jacket for a classic and relaxed appearance. Brown boots that match your jacket are perfect here. 

Autumn Fashion

Putting a cosy sweater under your BlankNYC leather jacket is a great way to get ready for the winter months. Choose a BlankNYC moto jacket with a bit of fur or Sherpa around the collar, and add a pair of dark-wash jeans. Brown boots are a great way to finish the look. 

White Jacket and Black Jeans

Color block contrast always makes a fantastic impact when you’re living life as a fashion icon. Combine a winter white BlankNYC leather jacket with a pair of fresh black jeans. A simple t-shirt underneath your jacket will help to keep the focus on the combo. White boots or black are the ideal footwear.

Fur and Ripped Jeans

Combine luxury with a rebellious streak with this look. Choose a longer-line BlankNYC moto jacket with a fur trim or add a fur scarf yourself for extra versatility. Then add a pair of shredded jeans to get the ultimate trend-setting look. 

The Weekend Warrior

Create an effortlessly cool look with your BlankNYC moto jacket by adding a pair of basic jeans and a fun graphic t-shirt to your wardrobe. Combine your look with a pair of colorful sneakers or shoes, and make sure you pick a matte-style jacket. 

The Chic Look

This is a sensual look that’s sure to look great on any woman. Accessorize your leather BlankNYC moto jacket with a pair of wet-look black leggings and a few bold accessories. A dark-colored scarf and some silver jewelry will work well here. 

80s Drama

Channel your love of the 80s in this fantastic high-drama look. A pair of flared jeans will really grab attention while your tight-fitting BlankNYC moto jacket does the rest of the work. To give your outfit even more pizazz, add a long scarf. 

French Style

Parisian girls always seem to know how to wear their jackets well. Combine a pair of lighter-wash vintage style jeans with a striped shirt and a motorcycle BlankNYC leather jacket. A skinny scarf and leather satchel will really make a huge difference to this great look. 

A Dose of Plaid

Give a more casual essence to your BlankNYC moto jacket by adding a plaid long-line shirt into the mix. Combine with a plaid scarf and a pair of mid-wash jeans. Don’t forget a set of cowboy boots or some ankle boots to polish off your look. 

The Cowboy Outfit

Speaking of cowboy boots, why not pair some with your BlankNYC moto jacket in a deep brown tone? This will create a fantastic western vibe that you can pair with some light-wash jeans for an appearance that’s both modern and playful. 

Cosy Casual

You don’t always have to dress your BlankNYC moto jacket up to the nines. Why not keep things cosy and casual with a pair of roll-cuff boyfriend jeans and a thick scarf? Choose a slightly larger than usual BlankNYC moto jacket to really pull this image off. 

Modern Casual 

Another great casual look includes adding a fitted short-cut BlankNYC moto jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. Black jeans combined with a statement graphic shirt underneath your jacket will give you a fantastic “college cool” appearance. 

The Concert Outfit

Invest in a trendy pair of bold jeans that feature unique style points, like frayed hems, or colored embroidery on the bottoms. Add your BlankNYC moto jacket in a matte finish and combine a graphic t-shirt with some bold accessories, like a chunky belt and some statement earrings.

The Winter Outfit

Add a pair of skinny jeans underneath some winter knee-high boots for this comfy and cozy outfit. To make the most out of your BlankNYC moto jacket, look for something with a fur collar, or add your own. A hat with a furry bobble will really finish things of. 

The Creative Professional

Give an unexpected twist to your work outfit with this creative look. Combine a short-style BlankNYC leather jacket with a pair of brightly-colored shoes and a long-line blouse or button-down shirt. Make sure that you leave your long sleeves poking out underneath the jacket sleeves.

Rocker Look

Grab your favorite short-cut BlankNYC moto jacket and channel a rock and roll vibe with a pair of super skinny black jeans and a white t-shirt. Add in a pair of chunky shoes and some bright colored accessories to complete the image. 

Full Skater Look

 Go all out with your leather look and add a pair of leather-style jeans to some chunky skater shoes for a laid-back appearance. Add a mid-line BlankNYC moto jacket, a pair of sunglasses, and a graphic t-shirt to pull everything together. 

Ready for Anything

Have some fun with your most comfortable wardrobe items. Add a pair of cozy mom jeans in a light-denim wash to a slouchy grey t-shirt. Tuck your shirt in and add your motorcycle over the top. Complete the look with a satchel bag. 

Photo: Courtesy of BlankNYC

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